The Premium Scotch and Cigar Experience

Signature Scotch. Robust Cigars. Excellent Company.

Premium cigars & spirits are lifestyle products associated with success, sophistication and celebration.

Join us on Friday, March 24 2023 for an exclusive connoisseur’s journey. Exploring with our experts, pairings of premium brands and a sumptuous menu.

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“Initium” – The Beginning

An unforgettable evening. Curated with the connoisseur and enthusiast in mind. This event does not require any special knowledge. Includes a 4 course epicurean journey and an immersion in the history, flavours, aromas and sophisticated characteristics of our partners’ fine brands.

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The Experience

  • Signature Spirits & Premium Cigars
  • Delectable Food
  • Exceptional Company


Having a deep appreciation of cigars, scotch and other premium libations, the Aficionados decided to share their passion and knowledge with their associates and friends. From there an idea was born: to share the pleasure of enjoying these decadent treats with those who have a similar appreciation. The Aficionados brand brings to fruition lifestyle experiences for the discerning connoisseur and enthusiast who enjoys the good life.

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